Screen Wideness

6MP Wide Color Monitor

The 30" wide color LCD delivers a viewing area equivalent to two 3MP monitor seamlessly. CCL650i2 also enables you to effectively allocate multiple images you need to work on.


Auto Text Mode

Auto Brightness Blinding Mode for Text Area

Automatic brightness control for text data to reduce eye strain for patient lists and reporting application.



Built-in Sensor

With two built-in sensors for luminance stabilization and ambient light measurement, CCL650i2 consistently delivers unmatched image quality.



Diversified Utility

Multiple system configurations can be accommodated with two Dual link DVI and two DisplayPort interface.


LED Backlight

LED Backlight for Image Stability and Energy Saving

Compared to the conventional CCFL backlight models, CCL650i2 saves about 20% energy and will hold brightness much longer. Additionally, mercury-free LED backlight contributes to reduce the environmental impacts.


Dynamic Gamma

One Pixel Based Contrast and Brightness, Gamma

Color images are automatically recognized to provide optimized contrast, brightness and gamma. No user intervention is required.



Remote Calibration

DICOM calibration and conformance check can be remotely performed. These remote management features will minimize the burden of system administrators.


AR Coating

Special AR Coating for Film-like Black and Improved Sharpness

JVCKENWOOD's new special AR coating technology addresses properties of focus, noise reduction, contrast and viewing angle achieving film-like black and accurate reproduction of images.